These are the established guidelines of the Team Trekyards Fleets. The terms “RECRUIT” and “OFFICER” here shall refer to a Member’s individual CHARACTER. We encourage ALL Officers to follow these guidelines during their career.


*To become an Officer in the Team Trekyards STO Fleets you must first register with this website. Upon completing the account activation process, you may then request to JOIN  either through the Fleets tab above or by using the button on the homepage. All members are encouraged to also checkout, and perhaps request to join, the Trekyards Facebook Group(s) and/or subscribe to the Trekyards Webseries on YouTube, if they have not done so already.


Members are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to contribute, and to continue contributing, to the Fleet Holdings (These contributions are measured as your Overall Holding Contribution or OHC, and may be found by going to the dropdown section of the right-hand column of the in-game Fleet Roster) and the Fleet Banks at ALL RANKS. This is not only how you will earn your Fleet Credits to purchase items from the Fleet Stores, but how the Fleet will continue to grow, opening up new traits & providing the necessary provisions to the Fleet Stores. Your OHC is one of the main factors monitored to determine promotions.



Members are ALSO STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to get involved with the Team Trekyards In-Game Community through Chats (see our Comms section for further details), PVEs, Fleet Events, etc. This is what can make being part of a fleet fun. This is another factor considered for promotions.

NOTE: We do not require you to partake in any “forced” community involvement; meaning we do not, for example, require that you engage in a minimum number of events/month or that you must be involved in lengthy conversation. We just ask that you find some way to involve yourself with the community and interact with your fellow fleet-mates to some extent you find comfortable. It could be, for example, just a matter of chiming in, and hopefully participating, when someone is looking for others to join them on a PVE.



In addition to game play, Members are FURTHER ENCOURAGED to get involved with the OVERALL Team Trekyards Fleet Community through the Team Trekyards STO Fleets Website and Forums. This will help you earn those promotions as well.

Beyond the STO Fleet Community, it is suggested that members explore and involve themselves with the multitude of official Trekyards venues available; including the Trekyards YouTube Channel, the various Trekyards Facebook Groups and This is, after all, the reason we have all been brought together.



PROMOTIONS within the Fleets are granted once/month, usually within the first week, and each Officer may only be promoted by one rank per promotion instance, regardless of OHC at the time. Sometimes the Admins may miss when someone may be due for a promotion or may not be online/in-game to see certain Members’ community involvement, so if you feel that you or especially someone else may be due, please contact your Fleet’s XO.

NEW RECRUITS MAY NOT BE ELIGIBLE for promotion until the second instance of promotions occurs upon their enlistment if, at the time promotions are handed out, fewer than 20 days have passed since their enlisting; this shall be considered a probation period. During this time it is suggested that they get to know the Fleet and let the Fleet get to know them, by interacting with and participating in the Fleet Community.



Members should, at the very least, REMAIN MINIMALLY ACTIVE. This could be as little as periodically logging in to each Team Trekyards character you have, even if you are unable to play. This shows at least you haven’t forgotten about us and that you are still interested in being a member of the Fleet. This will change the “last login date” for your character(s), but you must do this for each one. FOR EACH 3 MONTHS OF INACTIVITY, A MEMBER’S CHARACTER(S) SHALL BE DEMOTED BY ONE RANK.

GROSSLY ABSENT CHARACTERS/MEMBERS MAY BE DISMISSED FROM THE FLEET AFTER 1 YEAR OF INACTIVITY. However, they are always welcomed to re-enlist at a time that may be favorable for them to be more involved with the Fleet.

NOTE: If there is some foreseeable reason you know you will not be able to meet this minimum requirement for a certain extent of time, please contact your XO(s) via the in-game email or our website’s private messaging system and we will be able to take that into consideration; details are NOT necessary. 



There is a LIMIT OF 3 CHARACTERS* per member per Fleet. This limit was enacted for a couple reasons; 1) to ensure there will be room for the addition of new characters and members as we grow, as STO limits a fleet’s size, and 2) to avoid the potential risk of someone(s) with a large contingent of characters from being able to monopolize the Holdings Projects, Banks and/or Store Provisions, whether deliberate or unintentional. (* THIS PRIVILAGE UNLOCKS FOR MEMBERS UPON REACHING THE GAMMA RANK.)



Members should review the structure of the Ranks & Promotions section of the Team Trekyards STO Fleets, and should keep those and these Guidelines in mind when playing, in order to further their careers and to help build a stronger fleet. Also, CONTINUE TO MONITOR THIS WEBSITE for any Announcements, Notifications, News and Events pertaining to your Fleet. Thank you and have fun.


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