On PC you can communicate with Fleet members using text or voice chat. However, people tend not to use the in-game voice chat feature. Instead, we have set up and suggest using our Discord server channels (see the following Voice Chat section).


For text chat in-game we have our own Team Trekyards STO Fleets "global" channel. To join that channel type the following into the chat box in-game.

/channel_join Trekyards

You then need to make sure that this is set as the active channel when you wish to post to it. This can be done by clicking on the currently active channel name in the chat box, which will bring up a list of available channels. Also, make sure to set which channels you wish to see under your chat box tabs within the game's Chat Settings. Here you can also create new tabs, if you wish. 

There is also a default "Fleet" channel available, but we generally don't use it and instead recommend and encourage that ALL Fleet members please join the Trekyards channel stated above. This will keep you in comm range with Team Trekyards & House of Trekyards members, regardless of whether you or they are on a Trekyards character.


Another "global" channel available to us is that of the 7th Order, which is a large collection of Armadas, including the Balkan Division Armada our Fleet belongs to. To access that channel, type the following into your chat box and, again, follow any of the necessary procedures above. 

/channel_join 7th Order

For voice chat, with the ability for text as well, we have a Team Trekyards STO Fleets Discord server. This server may be used directly in your browser, which you can link to using the Discord tab at the top of any page on this website OR by choosing to install their app for desktop and/or mobile platform use.

Use the buttons below to either "recieve your invitation to our server" or "to link to the Discord App download page, from which you can choose to download a version for your desired platform(s)". There is also a widget on the 

Upon joining our server, we ask that you please change your server "Nickname" to your in-game account handle; that which follows the @ symbol. This can be done by right-clicking on either the server name/icon OR your name in the Members List and choosing “Change Nickname”.

A widget showing who's currently on the server is assigned to this site's homepage.

Access Server                     Download App




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