UPDATE:  WE DID IT!  Please see below to read what unlocks with reaching this Tier. But also, keep in mind that we will still have the following 3 Starbase projects to complete, following the completion of the Starbase upgrade; these are the Transwarp Conduit, Industrial Fabricator and Starbase Shipyard, so we'll definitely still be needing contribtutions to be made by all. Furthermore, we are still working on the Fleet Colony Holding Projects. 

After nearly two and a half years, the final big push to upgrade the Team Trekyards(FED) Fleet Starbase has begun. It has been a long road, but soon we will reap the rewards that come along with reaching Tier 5 of the Starbase Fleet Holding. Don't forget there will be a large demand for the contribution of dilithium to this upgrade and we would like to see help from ALL. As we've stated in the past, even if you can only spare a couple hundred dilithium at a time, it WILL add up in due time. If you head over to the Fleet Starbase in-game you will literally see the continued construction of the final structure taking place. And don't forget, we are still working towards Tier 4 and 5 of the Fleet Colony. As we get the main items towards the upgrading and construction of the [currently] final Holdings Projects, we will start adding more projects, such as additional provisioning, so everyone can still have the opportunity to earn Fleet Credits and build up thier OHC (Overall Holding Contributions) to go towards promotions.

Completing this upgrade will grant us the Starbase Exterior V & two new construction projects to unlock the Counselor Duty Officer, as well as a Duty Officer Contact.

In earning the Starbase XP points to begin the T5 upgrade, we have already completed the Science T5 level, which granted us access to the Starbase Communications Array(T5). This action unlocked Comms Array V, Starbase Shields Buff V and Very Rare Fleet Science DOFFs(Duty Officers). It also gave us the ability to start construction of Transwarp Conduit V. We will actually start construction of this upon completing the Starbase upgrade. Furthermore, we now have the ability to perform the following new projects - Boost: Science V, Operational Asset: Space V and Ultra Rare Hangar Items.

We will also need to complete the following, after we have completed the Starbase upgrade...


Unlocks: Transwarp to Battle Group Omega & Defera


Unlocks: Industrial Fabricator V, Starbase Hull & Regen Buff V and Very Rare Fleet Engineering DOFFs

New Construction Project: Crafting Station

New Projects: Boost - Engineering V, Operational Asset - Engineering V and access to Elite Fleet Space Weapons

FINALLY > STARBASE SHIPYARD T5, which will grant the following:

Unlocks: Shipyard V, Starbase Weapons Buff V and Very Rare Fleet Tactical DOFFs

New Projects: Boosts - Military V & Ground V, Operational Asset - Military V, plus access to several new Fleet Ships

So please "head on over" to lend a hand. Any and ALL contribrutions will help and are, of course, welcome. Keep in mind that contributions to  those DOFF & Dilithium requirements are always GREATLY NEEDED. Thank you.


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