We are switching from the use of TeamSpeak to Discord for our Voice Chat server; and as with TeamSpeak, it can be used for Text Chat as well. However, we will still regularly be using the “Trekyards” in-game chat.

Discord is not only FREE TO USE; it gives you the option to use it in a browser environment or an app version. Currently downloads are available for Windows, OSX, Linux, IOS and Android.

Details on how you may join our Discord server can be found under the COMMS section of our website, this can be found under the Fleets tab in the Menu Bar at the top of the website. Additionally, information regarding our in-game chat channel and Tapatalk, a useful app to help you follow our Forums, may be found in this section.

To those that choose to join us on the server, we ask that you please assign your in-game account handle as your “Nickname” on the server. This can be done by right-clicking on either the server name/icon OR your name in the Members List and choosing “Change Nickname”.   

On the server you will find we have created several channels with specific uses. For example, for FED & KDF PVEs, for those choosing to PVP, “QUARK’S” - for general conversations, and one dedicated to our relatively new feature “Spacedock Workshops” (see our website for further details). In addition to the Voice Chat channels, Discord also offers dedicated Text Chat channels, indicated by a hashtag(#) symbol. We have included one to correspond with each of our Voice Channels, yet you will also find several unique Text Channels at the top of the Channel List.

We realize that, at least up till now, Voice Chat has not been an overly popular choice among our Fleet members; however, we still wish to provide this service for those that do or would like to start using such.

So please, check it out, give it a try and perhaps you'll find your new preferred method of interacting with the Fleet.


TT-STO Command Council

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